Zhejiang Xinben Machinery Ltd was founded in 2004, which is a professional jacquard  rapier loom airjet loom manufacturer. We have research and develop of "Xinben" brand series of high-speed jacquard and rapier Loom since company established.

                    Company developed "XinBen" brand XB818-high speed jacquard machine independently, Maximum speed up to 180-250 rpm, which is widely used in making   neckties, trademarks, fabrics, towels, fashion jacquard cloth and so on. Company's newly developed "Xin Ben" electronic jacquard is to fill the gaps in Zhuji textile market, according to the requirement of the domestic textile industry, the application of advanced computer control technology and optical, electromechanical integration technology developed from the high-tech products, product design clever, simple and reasonable structure, stable performance, the product can be used with various domestic and international shuttle less looms ( weaving machine, silk machines, wool machine etc) supporting the use of need to select the appropriate requirements of the electronic jacquard looms, it can be any combination of different stitches fabric weaving machines to meet the requirements.